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It is hard to know where to begin when choosing your personal style. We have in-house interior designers who will take you shopping but having a few ideas up your sleeve can help us to capture what you want.

Home magazines have stunning pictures and fantastic concepts, but we recommend you use them as one of a number of sources of inspiration. The ideas and items they present may be beautiful but they are often impractical or out of reach for the average budget.

We suggest you seek out inspiration from around you. Some suggestions are:

  • Your own things ?? Do you have a few aesthetic items in your current house that make a statement? What do you love about them? Design? Colour? Pattern? Texture? This is a great place to start.
  • Display villages ?? These homes give builders an opportunity to experiment with new concepts and combine them with their expert knowledge. When you visit, you can see how special features work within a space. Display homes give you an opportunity to be tactile so you can touch, play and interact with a whole house of ideas.
  • Window Shopping ??visit a range of shops to find inspiration. From tiles and doors, to soft furnishings, you can get an idea of what you do (and don??t) like. Many furniture stores have interior designers who create their room sets. They know how to lay a room out with little touches that tie it all together. This way you can get an idea of the great array of products and see what is within your budget.
  • Websites and Apps ??People can be very creative on the internet, using unconventional materials in very clever ways which are achievable, affordable and attractive. A great place to see what people are doing locally is through Houzz.
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