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Everyone has a different colour preference for their home. We arenâ??t here to tell you what colours to use but we do want to give you some useful guidance to help you decide. Here are some tips you can follow if you feel out of your comfort zone with colour:

  1. We are all naturally attracted to certain colours. Have a look around your home to see what colours you are drawn to. Your wardrobe is a great starting point to work from. You may be surprised to find themes you didnâ??t realise were there.
  2. If youâ??re not sure you can make the commitment of a bright wall paint or tile colour â?? thatâ??s ok. Starting with a neutral palette and building on it gives you flexibility to mix colours in your soft furnishings and artwork.
  3. Donâ??t be afraid of dark colours on your walls. It is a myth that dark colours close in a space. When painted to the ceiling, darker colours can make a room feel larger. The right dark paint in the right room can feel intimate and cosy.
  4. If youâ??re having trouble deciding between colours and styles, bring in pictures and examples when you see our designers even when they seem contradictory. We have the experience to see the consistent themes and colours and may help to bring elements together with you.
  5. Have fun! Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by choice when making these decisions. Ultimately, itâ??s about you and your needs so remember to enjoy the process.

If youâ??re unsure, we will take you shopping with experts who can provide you with guidance, information on products and help where needed.

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